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When it comes to wedding rings and engagement rings there is nothing more tantalizing than the thought of having a big sparkling Diamond solitaire on your hand forever... or is there? Not to just stray from tradition but outright shatter it. The world is diverse and so should your option be for an engagement rings. It's becoming more and more common for newlyweds to break traditions and let's face it a diamond is forever but it's been done before over and over and over again. 

Don't get me wrong, diamonds are beautiful, durable, and classic. However,  I just strongly feel the concept of a diamond wedding ring is a bit dated. Diamonds make great pieces of jewelry but the trend is leading towards diamonds as a right-hand ring or an accenting addition to a lovely colored gemstone. 

Color is impactful and is an excellent way for us to express our unique individual selves. The lack of knowledge in just how diverse the gemstone world is quickly narrowing as more and more people are educating themselves on the subject. Fashion trends and the help of the internet has exposed many brides to be to some very different options in the world of jewelry. 

A famous trendsetter that just may have sparked the whole idea of an alternative to the diamond wedding ring was Princess Diana, who proudly wore a 12ct Ceylon Blue Sapphire engagement ring. Many of her adorning admirers followed suit and went for a Sapphire shortly after. Although we may all not be able to afford a large Blue Sapphire the are plenty of other alternatives to the precious stone that are equally as beautiful if not more so. 

Princess Diana Wedding Ring Photo 

(Princess Diana & Her Trendsetting Wedding Ring)

Just as not everyone can afford a giant 12ct Sapphire as Princess Diana did. That's the biggest problem with the quote traditional Diamond wedding ring as well. They are simply overpriced. The Diamond market is controlled to regulate the high demand for diamonds, thus keeping prices high. So instead of freighting over the concern over being able to afford a large diamond or simply settling for a smaller low-quality Diamond, why not go with an equally beautiful and rarer colored stone ring. 

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring

(Ceylon Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring from Gemstone Collectors U.S/)

Let's not fail to mention that Diamond mining is very destructive to our planet being that it is done on such a large commercial scale. Almost all large solitaire diamonds are involved in some way with some form of conflict or another. From the tragic stories of blood diamonds to the sickening fact that diamonds are not even actually very rare. The large majority of all colored gemstones are thousands to tens of thousands of times rarer than the all-mighty diamond. 

Popular trends today in the engagement ring market are the elegant soft pinky peach hues of Morganite, the pure intense electric blues of Tanzanite, and of course the timeless bold red of Rubies. Notable options to spike your interest in color options are Chrome Diopsides, Amethyst, and Spessartine Garnets. Any of these colorful options are sure to draw attention for years to come.

Morganite Wedding Ring With Diamonds Gemstone Collectors U.S.   Tanzanite Wedding Ring from Gemstone Collectors U.S.   Ruby Wedding Ring from Gemstone Collectors U.S.

(Morganite)                         (Tanzanite)                        (Ruby

Here at Gemstone Collectors U.S., you can find a wide variety of natural colored gemstone jewelry at unbeatable prices. We want to share the idea of fully dressing your bridesmaid's dresses with some very complementing accessories. Why waste hundreds of dollars on cheap costume jewelry that will never last. When you can give them a gift of a piece of jewelry that they will cherish for years. No matter what wedding colors you choose I'm sure we'll have a perfect match or contrast that will leave them speechless. 

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