Green with Envy- Chrome Diopside

The gemstone world's best kept green secret Russian Chrome Diopside. This mesmerizing vivid green gemstone is a lesser-known, relatively new and often overlooked gemstone. What exactly is this so-called " Russian Chrome Diopside" or sometimes referred to as the "Russian Emerald"?

Well as the name implies, the lovely green gemstone is mined in only one commercially viable deposit, in the world is the Republic of Sakha in Siberia, Russia. The frozen tundra of the Ural Mountain range in Russia is a harsh and unforgiving place in the Winter months, making it very difficult to mine the precious gemstone. The major producing mines are only operable for a few months each year due to the cold subzero weather conditions and permafrost earth. 

First discovered in 1988 Chrome Diopside is a Chromium-rich, transparent to translucent variety of gemstone-quality Calcium Magnesium Silicate. It is one of the rarer varieties of Diopside and belongs to the Pyroxene family of minerals. Now Chrome Diopside has been found in very small deposits outside of Russia in minor sources including Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Italy, Madagascar, South Africa & the United States. However, these localities are not producing enough to be commercially viable for the market. 

Chrome Diopside's intense green color is what every Emerald dreams it could be and by comparison to almost all other green gemstones that can rival the gems rich colors such as Tsavorite Garnet, Tourmaline and Emerald. The market price is unbelievably affordable. Chrome Diopside is completely 100% natural in its color and clarity and undergoes zero treatments to reveal it's beauty, making it truly a rare desirable gemstone that you will want to own and cherish in your jewelry and gemstone collection. 

In closing, everyone needs to hurry in on the opportunity to own this beautiful gemstone before it's gone for good. The Russian source of Chrome Diopside is depleting and very quickly. Each year less and less material is being mined and finding it's way to the market. The quality of material that is being mined is getting poorer and more limited all the time. This amazing gemstone is only going to rise in prices and become unattainable in the nearing future. Check our some of Gemstone Collectors US's breathtaking Russian Chrome Diopside pieces before they are gone and get yours today to make everyone green with envy.

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 Zachary Sutton, G.I.A. G.G.

Chrome Diopside