Imperial Topaz aka Precious Topaz the original

 Imperial Topaz

Let's talk Imperial Topaz. With November just around the corner, we'll discuss the true original birthstone for November. Now you may be saying wait a minute, my birthstone for November is Citrine and you would be correct. Currently, there are two acceptable gemstones for November's babies. Not taking anything away from the lovely ray of sunlight that is Citrine but... well frankly, Imperial Topaz aka Precious Topaz is the first and as the name suggests far more regal. The finest Imperial Topaz found originates from the famous locality of Minas Gerais, Brazil and more specifically the city of Ouro Preto. Top color Imperial Topaz is generally the reddish-orange or orange-red variety of Topaz that's considered "Imperial." Some also consider yellowish-orange colored and pure orange to be Imperial Topaz as well. Imperial Topaz is quite rare and costly, hence why the alternative more abundant Citrine which shares a similar color range has been adopted in as well. Topaz ranks at an 8 on the Moh's scale of hardness which makes it durable as well as beautiful. Not to mention Topaz tends to be quite clean and rarely has eye-visible inclusions making it truly a super gem. Take the limited opportunity to snag up one of these amazing beauties and explore our collection of fine Imperial Topaz jewelry today before they are gone. Wear your Imperial Topaz with pride and know you have a unique treasure from the one and only Mother Nature. 

Zachary Sutton, G.I.A. G.G.

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