Unknowns of Tanzanite

The desirable and highly collectible beautiful blue gemstone that is Tanzanite has truly taken the world by storm. It's absolutely no surprise that the gem has grown in popularity worldwide. Just to acknowledge some of the more well known key highlights of this stunning gemstone; Tanzanite is the blue variety of the mineral species Zoisite, it is mined in only one small locality in the world being a 7km (4.3mile) by 1.2km (1.2mile) area at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa at an astonishing depth of 800 meters (2,625ft), Tanzanite is a newly appointed birthstone for the month of December.

The gemstone is gaining value due to the Tanzanian Government closing the mine late of last year. So now there has never been a higher demand as everyone is scrambling to obtain the gemstone before the market is fully depleted and prices rise astronomically. Currently, the gemstone is still available but the price per carat has significantly risen and the top color known as (AAAA) is getting scarce to find.

The gemstone has some fairly unknown facts and details that seemingly have slipped between the cracks over the years. For starters, Tanzanite is not 100% all-natural and untreated, in fact, almost all of Tanzanite is brown before undergoing a permanent heat treatment to bring out its lovely blue color. Also, there has been a popular trend to use it as an alternative wedding ring option, however before one does so they need to be aware that the gemstone is only moderately hard in its durability at a 6-6.5 on the Moh's hardness scale. This simply means the gemstone should be worn with some caution to prevent scratching and or abraiding the gem. Avoid washing and exposing the gemstone to harsh chemicals as well. Lastly many are under the impression that a Tanzanite's color can only be rivaled by the more costly Sapphire. When in actuality there are some relatively affordable comparable gemstones that can fit the bill being natural Kyanite, London Blue Topaz, and Blue Spinel

Without having to say Tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone and is going to be prized for many years to come. Tanzanite is definitely a good investment for the future and is only going to go up in price and in its scarcity. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of the amazing Tanzanite legacy before it's gone.

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Zachary Sutton G.I.A, G.G.