GCUS Featured Artists

Do you sell Natural Gemstones? Are you a talented artist that loves making jewelry with natural Stones & Precious Metals? Do you have quality natural Minerals or Gemstones? Well, you are in the right spot. Join Gemstone Collectors U.S. Featured Artists Team Today. 

Why should you join Gemstone Collectors U.S. Featured Artists you ask? We are listed as a preferred retailer with G.I.A. We are an accredited business with the BBB. We are a licensed business in the state of Indiana. We also will pay you to do what you are already doing and help you sell your stunning products. 

We are committed to promoting and assisting you in your selling journey. With our on-staff G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist, you always have someone to reach out to for questions or guidance. You're going to earn money for your business or brand. You have the option to ship the items directly to your customers from your home location or we will ship them out for you once they sell. 

We do this for a nominal fee starting at 10% on each order. (This percent may differ depending on the size of your brand and is different for each featured artist based on their needs and budget.)  

By being a featured artist you have access to many features that help you grow your brand. Some of these features are free and some are paid.


  • Free personal page on our website about you and your brand
  • Free Product collection pages
  • Free Unlimited Product Listings
  • Free Advertising 
  • Paid Advertising- (Based on your budget)
  • Free Social Media Promotion 
  • Paid Social Media Promotion- (Based on your budget)
  • Free Customer Database Management 
  • Many trusted & Secure Payment providers for you and your customers. (Afterpay, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay & More.
  • Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing Subject to fee: As low as (2.6% + $0.30)
  • Free Mobile App Integration
  • Free Live Customer Support on Web
  • Free Email Response 
  • Assistance With Logos & Brand materials 
  • Free Live Phone Customer Service for customers to contact with questions.
  • Personal Extention (Additonal Cost) 
  • Certifications on your pieces to add additional value
  • Help from our on-staff G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist 
  • Set & work on your personalized schedule 
  • Employee Account with GCUS
  • Local Delivery to customers around you 

And Many More...

Although we are here to empower you to grow this still leaves you in control of your business or brand. The more you put into this the more reward you will see. You are in control of your success. 

We have built a safe & trusted place for customers to shop that know we only sell natural genuine gemstones. This is our only requirement to be a GCUS Featured Artist. We know you work hard to complete your pieces and a lot of times they don't get the full reach they should. With our ever-growing client list and online platform, we give you a credible place to showcase your items to customers all over the world. 

 If you would like to Join GCUS Featured Artists simply leave us some info over you and your brand, your contact info and someone will reach out to you soon to set up your first welcome call! 




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