Meet The Artist: Gloria

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 My name is Gloria and I am the creator of Mindful Creations by Gloria. I create one of a kind, handcrafted beaded pieces. I focus mainly on Malas and other beaded jewelry. I only use genuine, untreated, high quality beads in my art. Sometimes I find beads that I will never be able to use again, so these pieces are all genuinely one of a kind. I also put a lot of effort behind balancing colors, design and even the thread color of each piece. Knotting each bead by hand takes hours and I love every minute of it. It is usually done during meditation. The methodical nature of the work becomes its own form of meditation. 

How my journey started. I have been doing this work for 5 years now. 7 years ago I began a deeper spiritual path while trying to overcome Postpartum Anxiety. I began searching for more peace in my life. After rediscovering my passion for meditation, I began incorporating meditation tools such as singing bowls and Malas into my practice. I found that their beauty and comfort really helped me through a difficult time. I had always worn healing crystals and loved that I was able to combine them. Other creators inspired me, but at the same time I had visions of what I wanted. Being an artist, I wanted a very specific style, color balance and look. Over time perfecting my style. I began creating my own pieces and that evolved into making other types of jewelry for friends and family. I began making necklaces and bracelets for all ages. Often creating them with specific healing properties in mind. To bring these natural wonders to more people I began selling online via social media. This gave me the freedom to show my creative side and still have a great support system with other creators that love making one of a kind pieces of art. I now am faced with an amazing opportunity to bring you, my customers, the same quality stones but now with only using precious metals to enhance the value of your piece and to ensure the longevity of your unique work of art. 

I find inspiration everywhere. In the way a sunsets or painting and sometimes the way beads just fall together on the tray. Each piece is truly a work of art, painstakingly created to perfection. It feels natural and flows out of me like poetry. I love that I can create a soft hued piece with pastels or bold pieces where each color pops. Every piece is apart of me and my journey and now I'm excited to share a piece of my journey and art with you.