Handcrafted Rose Quartz, Serpentine and Grey Agate Mala Necklace,


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One of a kind, handcrafted Mala necklace. This Mala is created using 8mm Rose Quartz,  hand carved Serpentine and Grey Agate The guru bead is a 10 mm hand carved Serpentine bead above a pale dusty purple colored 2 inch silk tassel. Hand knotted on soft pink nylon thread. The 108 bead Mala is created using soft calming hues. Perfect for your mindfulness practice or worn everyday as a statement piece. The crystals in this piece were specifically chosen due to their healing properties. It is said when paired together they help stabilize female hormones. Bring the calming effects into your life with this meditation tool. It may also be used as a decorative necklace.

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