Handcrafted Sandalwood And Crystal Mala Necklace


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One of a kind, handcrafted Mala necklace. Hand-knotted on dark blue sturdy nylon thread. This piece is created using all natural, untreated stones and naturally fragrant Sandalwood beads. The Sandalwood has not been treated and the genuine scent is not overpowering. The crystals in this Mala are 6mm Sunstone, Amazonite, Blue Apatite, Amethyst, Rhodocrosite and 4mm Clear Quartz. With a Rhodonite guru bead above a 2 inch rainbow silk tassel. The soft fragrance of this Mala will gently soothe you through your mindfulness practice. You are able to wear this Mala as a decorative necklace or even wrapped around your wrist. The crystals are a balance of calming and energizing to balance out your hormones and emotions. 

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