Hematite, Amazonite and Moss Agate Bracelet


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This 'Mindful Balance Mala Bracelet' is created using 4mm Hematite and 8mm Moss Agate with an 9mm oval Amazonite centerbead. Hematite is a grounding mineral. Often called 'the stone of the mind' due to its ability to help one increase memory, focus, concentration and aid in learning. Its is used most often in Feng Shui for its balancing Yin-Yang energy. This Green Moss Agate is used not only for its calming and soothing vibrations but also for its ability to refreshen the soul. Bringing with it a boost in your self-esteem. It is also a stone of abundance, particularly in regards to wealth. Amazonite is a balancing gemstone. Helping to stabilize and harmonize your male and female hormones. Soothes emotional traumas while alleviating aggression and frustration. Created on a comfortable stretch cord. This bracelet fits a standard wrist size. Comfortably fits a 6"-7.25" inch wrist. However, if you need a different size please contact the creator for a custom order. This bracelet is nice for people who like a lighter bracelet with smaller stones. However please note that it is accented with larger stones in the center. 

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