Labradorite and Peach Moonstone Bracelet


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Genuine artisan crafted bracelet using all natural gemstones. This 'Peaceful Transformation Mala Bracelet' was handcrafted using 5mm Labradorite and Peach Moonstone with 925 Sterling Silver accents. Labradorite is the stone of transformation. Aiding you on your journey of growth and change. Helping you to persevere and build inner strength. It raises your consciousness while grounding your spiritual energy. Peach Moonstone is a stone that is gentle. Its soothing energies help to relieve any emotional issues, feelings of depression, anger, worry, doubt, and anxiety. While stimulating the mind and supporting the heart. This bracelet will help guide you through your transformation in a very gentle way. Created on a comfortable stretch cord. This bracelet fits a standard wrist size. Comfortably fits a 6"-7.25" wrist. However, if you need a different size please contact the creator for a custom order. Because of the smaller stones this a more lightweight bracelet. Making it good for stacking bracelets or for a light feel.

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