Lepidolite, Chrysophrase, Blue Apatite and Amethyst Bracelet


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This artisan crafted one of a kind bracelet was created using all natural and untreated gemstones. The crystals used are Lepidolite, Neon Blue Apatite, Chrysophrase and Amethyst. This handcrafted piece was created using 6mm gemstones, on a stretch cord with a 925 Sterling Silver knot-cover. The Lithium compound in the Mica of the Lepidolite is said to help with anxiety and to calm stress. Chrysophrase is a heart chakra crystal and is believed to help attracted love, abundance and prosperity. Blue Aaptite is a stone of clarity, love, peace, acceptance and concentration. Amethyst is called the 'sober stone' 'and 'the master healer.'  It is believed to be used for all ailments while making the person stronger. This bracelet fits a standard wrist size. Comfortably fits a 6"-7.25" wrist. However, if you need a different size please contact the creator for a custom order.

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