Peach Moonstone and Blue Apatite Energy Healing Bracelet


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This one of a kind beaded bracelet was handcrafted using only genuine and untreated, high quality gemstone beads. The beads used in this crystal healing energy bracelet are 6mm Peach Moonstone and two different styles of Neon Blue Apatite, size 6mm and 4mm. The contrasting colors pair beautifully and both 6mm beads contain a stunning natural chatoyancy to them. Peach Moonstone is an excellent stone for women. Due to it sacral chakra healing properties it aids in calming female hormones and regulating their lunar cycles. Peach Moonstone is said to soothe anger, depression, and worry. While stimulating the mind to learn and continue to grow. It aids in bringing out your best features and highlighting them so they shine. Just like the natural shimmer in these sparkly stones. Blue Apatite is a Kundalini stone. This balancing and healing crystal is touted for its ability to clean and align your chakras. A good stone for those that feel out of sorts or that work around people they may shift your energy. This stunning blue crystal balances your Yin-Yang energy. Helping so that your energy is not overly or underactive and stays in a harmonious balance. This stone works for your 3rd eye and throat chakra. This bracelet combines the healing of upper and lower chakras in order to bring balance and harmony to your body. This beautiful combination of crystals also brings a pop of color to your day. Made on a stretch cord for your comfort with a 925 Sterling Silver knot-cover.  This bracelet fits a standard female wrist size and fits 6.25- 7.25 comfortably. It easily slides over most hand sizes. If you need a different size please contact the artesian so she may create a custom size for you. 

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