Black Tourmaline and Snowflake Obsidian Unisex Mala Bracelet


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This one of a kind handcrafted Mala bracelet is created using genuine untreated gemstone beads. This bracelet is crafted of 8mm Black Tourmaline and Snowflake Obsidian. This piece is a beautiful everyday neutral color bracelet that pairs well with any outfit. The larger black stones make it a lovely unisex piece. The stones are large enough to be a men's bracelet but not too large for a woman's wrist. Black Tourmaline is a great everyday stone because of its crystal healing properties. Black Tourmaline is a natural shield against negativity. It purifies and grounds you while protecting you. Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of grounding. allowing you to be balanced and stabilized. These two crystals pair well together to help you get through even the most chaotic day. The most commonly referred to as a rock Obsidian is actually cooled volcanic glass. Tho it does not look like it since it is solid and durable. This bracelet is made by hand on a stretch cord with a 925 Sterling Silver knot-cover. This bracelet fits a standard wrist size. Comfortably fits a 6"-7.5" wrist. However, if you need a different size, or would like to turn this into a larger man's size bracelet, please contact the creator for a custom order. 

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